The Most Beautiful Ways to Include Your Pet On Your Wedding Day

Discover how you can include your furry friend in your wedding celebrations with some of these gorgeous ideas.

As a nation of animal lovers, it’s no surprise that so many couples want to include their furry friend in their special day. Depending on your pet, its temperament and your wedding venue, there are a number of ways that you can include your beloved family member in your wedding plans or even on the big day itself. 

There are some things to consider when thinking about including your pet in your big day. Firstly, the temperament of your pet, if you have a dog that would be just delighted with a social occasion then having your pooch around for some photos would be a lovely idea, however, if they are nervous around crowds then you may want to rethink this and explore other ways they can be included. If you plan on inviting your pet to your day then it’s something you should clear with your venue as it’s likely they have policies around animals and where they can and can’t go on the day. 

Whether you want to include your pet in your wedding in mind, body or spirit, take a look at some of our favorite ways you can include your pet in your wedding celebrations.

Include your pet in your engagement shoot

If you think your pet won’t enjoy being in large crowds, then including him or her in your engagement shoot is a lovely way to capture some memories with your furry friend, without causing them any stress. It can also be a great way to help you to relax during photos if you are feeling a little camera shy.

Feature your pet on your wedding stationery

There are lots of ways you can include your beloved pet in your wedding stationery. We love this idea from Copper & Confetti where you can have your pet hand illustrated into your invitations so all your guests know just how important your pet is to you. 

Getting ready for the wedding with your pet

If one of you is getting ready at home on the morning of the wedding then you could ask your photographer to capture some pictures of your pet. Again, it’s a lovely way to help you to relax and to create some special memories.

Have your pet attend your big day

If you plan on including your pet in your actual wedding day, then it’s a good idea to hire a pet sitter and have them bring your pet to a section of the day. This will help you to stay focussed and not worry about who is looking after your furry friend and also means it causes the least stress to your animal. Plus you can order a super cute outfit like this one from Tuna and Bear.

Order a pet-themed wedding cake topper

There are many bespoke wedding cake toppers that can be made to look like you, your other half and your pet. It’s a lovely way to include your animal in your day and in your wedding pictures. We adore this idea from Wedding Tree Prints.

Donate to an animal shelter in lieu of wedding favors

Animal-lovers might want to honor their love of pets by donating to an animal shelter in place of traditional wedding favors. Many shelters will give you small cards about your donation that you can then share with your guests to let them know you have made a donation on their behalf.

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