Frequently asked questions

What is unique about Wedding Photo Swap?

It allows you to collect and store all your wedding related photos in one central place. The photos can be organised into albums, arranged in your preferred order and downloaded at full size for printing. Guests can be invited to send you the photos they took at your events and can also view and leave comments on your albums. Essentially it is a much easier way to celebrate your memories!

Is it free to use?

Yes, it's free to try. When you sign up for an account, you get MB of photo storage for free and the account remains live from the day you register until 6 months after your wedding. Plenty of time to collect those memories. Should you wish to extend your account functions, then we do have payable options available. Please see our prices/upgrades for further information. Using the apps and website is always 100% free for your guests.

How do I cancel my subscription on Apple?

If you upgraded via our Apple app, unfortunately we can't cancel your subscription for you. Please follow these instructions from Apple on your device to cancel the subscription

How do we get started?

Download our app or choose an account type on our prices/register page. Sign up takes about 30 seconds to complete, has no ongoing obligation and we never share the details you give us so you won't be spammed. In fact there really isn't any reason not to try us!Once registered you are ready to set up your wedding albums and invite your guests! You can either invite guests via email before the wedding event (through the app or website), or you can print wedding cards pre-filled with your guest access details found on the invite page. These can be sent to the guests with the wedding invitations, or you could have them available at the event (on the tables) for example.

Can I use Wedding Photo Swap for all my events?

Yes, that's the great thing about WeddingPhotoSwap! For our users, it acts as their personal wedding album, capturing all the memories from engagement to honeymoon! Your account is live as soon as you register so don't wait until the wedding day itself to start collecting and telling your friends about the service.

Can we create multiple albums eg, one for the engagement drinks, one for the hen etc?

We have thought of this too! When you log into your account, you have the option to create different albums in your gallery, making it easier for guests to upload their photos in the right place. You can set up as many albums as you like and order them how you wish. All photos within each album can be filtered to show just those uploaded by certain guests or you can arrange the entire album by hand for the perfect display.

How do wedding guests send photos?

Guests who have downloaded our app can use it to take photos at all your wedding events. These photos will get sent to your online albums automatically. Photos appear instantly in your account and both you and guests can view and comment on photos live from your events. For guests with more traditional digital cameras they can upload these via our website. Our bulk uploader makes sending lots of photos easy.

All my photos say pending on the app - how do I change this?

If you log into the website and visit your account section, you should find a checkbox labelled "I want to approve all photos before they go live". If you make sure this is unchecked, all photos will be visible after uploading. To make all pending photos visible to all guests you need to approve them from the pending photos" page once you're logged in.

Can photos be uploaded live from the event?

Yes. If you and your guests use our mobile app to take photos then they will be sent instantly to your online albums. Imagine getting back after your wedding day and having albums full of photos showing the parts of your wedding you never got to see.

How are the photos stored and can they be downloaded?

The photos are all stored at their original resolution/size. Post-event, you can download the photos you would like to keep.

Can I share the photos I collect?

Photos can be shared on Facebook, Tweeted or shared via all the mainstream social media sites! If you don't want your guests sharing your photos you can also turn off this option within your account setting.


We think we have a great product, we hope you do too! If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us now.