Important Things to Tell Your Wedding Photographer

So you have found your perfect wedding photographer – now it’s time to think about what you want from your wedding photographs. Do you want some posed photographs with specific groups of people? Would you prefer the majority of your wedding photographs to feel more candid? By having an idea of the style you like, your photographer can understand what you are looking for. You will also want to ensure your wedding photographer has all the information about the big day. This way they know the timeline, what is coming up and when. All these factors are important things to tell your wedding photographer.

To help get you started we have picked out some of the key information to share with your wedding photographer.

Tell them if you hate having your photo taken

If the thought of a camera snapping away at you makes you shudder then it’s important that you let your photographer know. This way they can ensure you feel more comfortable and also get some beautiful shots when you’re not paying attention!

You may also benefit from an engagement shoot. This way you have experienced you and your partner being photographed and to help you relax around your chosen vendor.

Tell them the order of the day

Let your photographer know the timeline of the day, even if timings slip a little, they will still have an idea of what is going on and can plan photographs accordingly. It also means they can capture some special moments like the finishing touches to your bridal makeup or when your dad first sees you in your wedding attire.

Nominate a point of contact

On the day, you don’t want to be answering questions from your photographer. Appoint a close friend or family member to be the photographer’s point of contact on the day, and to be the person who does the running around to help the photographer gather people for group shots.

List the key group shots

Create a list of the key group shots – wedding party, collage friends, extended family, your work friends to ensure you get those precious pictures with those closest to you. Then your photographer can plan how long this will take and also confer with their point of contact on the day so it all runs smoothly.

Tell them the awkward stuff

Did your mum’s cousin run over your best friend’s dog? Is there a sticky divorce sitch going on right now? If there are any awkward relationships amongst your guests that could cause clashes then let your photographer know.

Share the thoughtful details

It’s all the little details that make your wedding feel unique to you. Whether it was hours spent hand-making the wedding favors or a bespoke seating plan, tell your photographer about those meaningful touches so they can capture them.

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