About us

Wedding Photo Swap allows you to set up online photo albums of your Wedding. Invite friends and family to send you the photos they took at the event directly to your online photo albums.

See all of the images from your special day, comment on them with friends as well as having the opportunity to share, swap and download the original high resolution uploaded photos.

The site was set up in 2007 for a personal wedding which then recieved requests from people asking how they too could use the service. Later that year the site opened for general use and usage has grown exponentially ever since. Today Wedding Photo Swap have 17,894 people using the site. That makes for hundreds of thousands of photos being shared, saved and collected from peoples wedding events.

To date Wedding Photo Swap have hosted weddings and guest accounts from 146 countries. At the last count there were 194 individual countries in the world so we haven’t quite covered the globe but we’re getting close!

Why not register today and see how easy the site is to use. Our stats show us that couples using the site who invite friends and relatives via email and paper invite cards receive on average over 250 photos. These are photos you may never have seen of your big day and make a great momento of a happy occassion.

We look forward to being able to provide you with a simple, elegant and straightforward solution to collecting all the photos from your wedding day.

Wedding Photo Swap Team