#JustMarried: the Wedding Selfie Takeover

The age of the selfie is here – it’s an integral part of everyday life, at least in the mainstream, but there are still plenty of people unfamiliar with the selfie phenomenon. The researchers at Oxford Dictionaries declared selfie Word of the Year 2013 (although it hasn’t yet snuck its way into the Oxford English Dictionary) and define selfie as an informal noun meaning. ‘a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.’

Now you know what a selfie is, have a think, have you ever taken a picture with your smartphone and uploaded it to Facebook or Twitter? If you answered yes, as we expect you did, you’re a part of the selfie revolution.

aaron paul selfie

Photobooths for guests to take some funny pictures after a few cheeky glasses of champagne are quickly becoming a wedding staple – after all, it’s the snaps of those transient wedding moments rather than the 40 minutes in the cold with the photographer which carry the memories.

The selfie achieves the same effect – you’ll have the great grandfather who dozed off before the bride arrived, visible over the grooms shoulder; you’ll have proof you saw your father-in-law checking his texts on your big day! The wedding selfie is here and shows no signs of stopping.

Tradition? We’ll make a new tradition.

Twenty years ago, couples would light a unity candle after their vows, then everyone jumped on the bandwagon with unity sand – mixing two coloured sands into a bigger jar as a kind of modern twist on the classic unity candle – and now the age of the wedding selfie has arrived. It’s already a big thing among younger brides and grooms to replace a note in your pocket with a copy of their vows on their smartphones – so why not let that be a part of your unity ceremony? Instead of lighting a candle, or mixing some sands, turn your back on the crowds who’ve driven endless hours to see you, raise that iPhone into the air and snap a unity selfie. Be sure to tilt it just enough to show some of the crowd and, if you’re feeling really crazy, get the minister to join you for this timeless moment – maybe even take 3 seconds out of your special day to post it to Twitter (Wi-Fi permitting). But, for the love of god, don’t hold up your reception because you can’t decide which filter to use on Instagram.

group selfie

A quick search online for #weddingselfie will demonstrate the enormity of the phenomenon. Other than taking selfies of your ceremony, a cheeky flick through Instagram photos with the hashtag shows it’s not just the pivotal moments that people are sharing. This is the biggest day of your life, and brides and grooms in the Information Age want to share the experience on a minute-to-minute basis – forget about the groom not being allowed to see the dress before the wedding, we’ve seen selfies of brides with #nomakeup and grooms taking a shave. And there’s no chance of the wedding pictures being lost in a move 10 years down the line – they’ll be immortalised on your Facebook timeline, locked securely in your Instagram account and maybe even shared across the world, should your hilarious wedding selfie go viral. Technology continues to progress and evolve and the wedding appears to be following suit.


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