Wedding morning pictures you need in your photo album

While your bride and groom portraits and the snaps from the first dance will likely be pride of place in your photo album, the pictures from your wedding morning will hold an equally important place in your heart.

Your wedding morning is the calm before the storm; a serene time in either your home or a beautiful bridal suite, getting ready for the biggest day of your life, surrounded by your leading ladies.

As what will possibly be the most memorable morning of your life, you’ll want to document it in the same way you will your ceremony and reception.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the wedding morning photos you need to ask your photographer to take.

Chances are your bridal party will have a lot less getting ready to do than you on the big day, so make sure to pass this list on to them too, for even more candid getting ready photos – they can upload any cute moments they capture to the Wedding Photo Swap site so all of your guests can get a glimpse of the magical morning you spent together.

Wedding Morning Photos to ask Your Photographer to Take

Make-Up Artist Photos

You’ll feel like a celebrity with your make up artist and hairdresser tending to you (like a Kardashian with their glam squad), and there’s nothing more glam than photos of them applying your blusher and lipstick and teasing your hair into a perfect up-do.

It’ll be such a moment of pampering that you’ll want it immortalised in photo form to look back on and remember feeling like a princess.

Bridal Party Getting Ready Shots

One of our favourite wedding morning photos is when all the bridal party group together in their matching gowns for a cute photo – both before and after having their hair and make-up done. You treated them all to monogrammed dressing gowns, so a picture is definitely necessary!

The Little Details

Ask your photographer to take photos of your accessories before you put them on, as well as people photos.

A classy shot of your perfume on the windowsill, or your engagement ring artfully positioned will be lovely mementos from the day.

Make sure you get photos of your something old and something new as well, especially if they’re sentimental pieces of jewellery.


If you’ve made gift boxes or bags for your bridesmaids, make sure to ask for photos of these. And if you’re lucky enough that your partner has given you a wedding morning present, a photo of this won’t hurt either!

The Dress

Photos of your dream dress hanging in the wardrobe or elsewhere in the bridal suite are a lovely addition to any photo album, as are pictures of your mum or friends helping you into your dress or doing up the buttons at the back.

Your Bouquet

Of course your bouquet will be front and centre in many of your wedding photos, but it doesn’t hurt to take some pictures of it in all its glory in your bridal suite, or lying next to your shoes.

Chances are it might experience some wear and tear through the course of the day, so photos of it when it was pristine will be priceless.

First Look Photos

First look photos are an American tradition, but they’re gaining popularity in the UK too. They’re often one of the most emotional photos in the wedding photo album – especially your dad’s first look!

If you don’t get ready with your bridal party, a photo of their first look is something to be treasured as well.

Walking Down the Stairs

For a real royalty moment, a photo of you descending the stairs (be it a sweeping staircase or just the stairs in your childhood home) is a truly gorgeous memory that you’ll want pride of place in your wedding album.

The Groom’s Morning

If your budget allows for a second shooter, it’s worth asking them to document your partner’s getting ready morning.

Grooms notoriously spend less time getting ready than a bride, but photos of him and his groomsmen enjoying the morning (whether they’re playing golf, having a coffee or sharing memories over a glass of whisky), are a lovely addition to your album.

With all the wedding morning moments documented, check out our definitive guide to all the emotional moments you’ll want your photographer to capture, but might never have thought of.

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