Seven Things to Tell Your Wedding Photographer

As well as a list of important questions to ask your photographer, there are also things you need to tell them, in order to get the photos you want from your big day.

Of course you’d never dream of telling your photographer how to do their job (they’re the professional, after all), but there are some things they need to know, that aren’t about the perfect lighting or angles, from people who shouldn’t be photographed together to the shots that mean the most to you.

Read on for our list of important things to tell your photographer.

1. What to Wear
We know it might seem a bit bridezilla to tell your photographer what to wear, but it makes sense to give them some guidance.

You want them to blend in with your day, so people can enjoy the occasion without feeling self-conscious about being photographed; a photographer in jeans and a t shirt when everyone else is in their black tie finery just won’t look right.

Let them know you don’t expect them to rock up in a tuxedo or a floor-length gown, but formal wear would be appreciated to fit in with the wedding theme.

2. The Running Order

Make sure to give your photographer a copy of the running order of your wedding, so they have an idea of what’s happening when.

The order of the day you give your photographer will be a little different to the one you give your guests. For example, when your guests are enjoying their welcome drinks, you’re photographer will be snapping away for your couple’s portraits.

3. Whether to Bring Food

It’s up to you whether you want to cater for your photographer. Your wedding day is a long one for your photographer, so it’s a nice gesture to provide a meal for them. It needn’t be the same wedding breakfast you’ve catered for your guests, but some hot food and a sit down will make the world of difference to them.

Be sure to communicate whether you’ll be providing food, and when.

4. A Photo List

Some photographers say that being given a list of photos to take is an insult as it’s basically telling them how to do their job, but while they’ll know the obvious shots to take, if there are any unusual photos you’d like taken, be sure to communicate this.

For example, if you’d like photo of groups other than family, let this be known – ie. Sports teams, work mates, school friends and so on – any photo groups that are out of the norm should be communicated to your photographer.

5. Situations to Avoid

Be sure to make your photographer aware of any potential awkward situations. Ie. If your parents are divorced and trying to chivvy them into a photo together would result in a tense moment, let your photographer know. It’ll make it better for everyone in the long run.

6. Planned surprises

From balloon drops, to fireworks or special choreographed dance moves, tip your photographer off about any big day surprises you’ve got planned.
This way, the most special moments of your day will be captured as well as the joy and surprise on your guests’ faces.

7. Things You Don’t Want Captured

As well as a list of the shots that are important to you, if there’s anything you don’t want documented, let your photographer know. If dance floor shots when everyone is worse for wear have no place in your album, your photographer will probably appreciate the earlier finish!

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