7 tips for taking amazing DIY wedding photos

While the majority of couples hire a professional photographer, it can be great to have photos snapped by your guests on their camera phones too, to provide a different style of documentation of the day.

If you’ve decided not to have an unplugged wedding (and there are many reasons to allow guests to take photos during the day), and you’re looking forward to seeing photos taken by your guests, make sure to fill them in on these tips for taking amazing wedding photos.

1. Take the photo from above

A photo shot from a higher angle is far more flattering than one from below – it’s a no brainer! Photos from above eliminate the chance of dreaded double chins, for a start.

2. Choose your position wisely

Got a sparkling chandelier or a cool light up sign to decorate your wedding venue? No matter how much you love it, avoid having your photo taking directly underneath it or next to. Lights can cast shadows on your face, or create a coloured glare, which can be unflattering.

3. Take photos in natural light

For the most flattering of photos taken inside, stand facing a natural light source such as a window or door, to allow a soft light to add a glow to your face.

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4. Embrace golden hour

There’s a reason Instagrammers love golden hour (the time when the sun is setting and casting a gorgeous warm glow). It’s universally flattering and gives everything a romantic hue, no photography degree needed! 

5. Take photos early on in the day

While we love going through our old tagged Facebook photos to reminisce over tipsy nights out, and it is nice to have a few wedding dance floor snaps, ask your guests to take their photos early on in the evening, to avoid bleary eyed pics of you after a few too many proseccos.

Photos taken after guests have indulged in a few post-ceremony Pimms’ tend to be blurry, and have errant thumbs cropping up in the corner.

6. Bring a portable phone charger

There’s nothing more annoying than your phone dying halfway through the day, before you’ve had the change to snap photos of the cake cutting, first dance and bouquet toss. To avoid everyone clamouring around plug sockets, encourage guests to bring portable chargers – or provide them as wedding favours, or simply place a few in a basket beside the dance floor.

7. Think like a photographer

There are moments during a wedding where everyone will be desperate to get a shot (ie. When you’re walking down the aisle, or the all-important first kiss), but this means the photos will be full of phone screens. Leave important shots like this to people sitting at the front of the ceremony as they’re less likely to have their snap invaded by other phones.

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