Saving Memories

Never got to see all the photos from your wedding? You're not alone! The majority of weddings are followed by a seemingly impossible mission to get all of your friends and family to send you the photos they took of your happy day. We can help.

Wedding Photo Swap provides a simple solution to this problem. Just register, set up your own albums, then send out invites by email or by traditional post to all your guests. They can then upload their photos directly into your online album.

You can see at a glance who has uploaded photos to your albums and you also have the ability to approve each image as it is sent.

All uploaded photos are stored at their original uploaded resolution (i.e we don't make the photos smaller) and you can download an image or a whole album should you wish for safe keeping or printing locally.

You and your guests can order photo prints of any of the photos through the website. You'll even be able to see how the different sizes of photos will crop the original picture so you can choose the best size. (Please note print ordering/delivery is only available in the UK/USA at present)

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