Why to Take a First Look Photo at Your Wedding

From bridal showers to rehearsal dinners, we’re seeing more and more American wedding trends become popular in the UK, and the latest one we’ve seen taking over the world of weddings in the concept of a first look photo.

What is a First Look Photo?

Pretty much what it sounds like – a first look photo is a photo of the first time you and your partner see each other on the big day.

Rather than it be as you walk down the aisle, though, a first look photo is taken before the ceremony, documenting a private moment between you and your partner.

Obviously this means that walking down the aisle isn’t the first time your partner will set eyes on you in your wedding dress, which some people aren’t keen on, but we’re here to argue why first look photos are great, and why your wedding album isn’t complete without one.

  1. It Helps Ease Wedding Nerves

Walking down the aisle is one of the most nerve-wracking moments of the big days, because all eyes are on you. Knowing you and your partner have already seen each other, like a little secret between the two of you, will ease some of the big day nerves.

2. Quiet Time on Your Wedding Day

With a first look photo, you get some private, quiet time with your partner before the excitement of the day kicks off. It allows the two of you to fully appreciate each other in your finery, take a deep breath and remember that the wedding is about the two of you and your love for each other, not about impressing a whole room of people.

3. It Frees up Time During the Day

Couples often find they miss out on a lot of their wedding day as they’re away getting their couple shots taking while guests are mingling and enjoying the reception.

A first look photo means you can have your portraits ahead of the ceremony, leaving you free to enjoy the rest of the day. This is particularly relevant if you’re having a late afternoon wedding, as you’ll have plenty of time in the morning to pose for photos.

4. The Aisle will Still be Special

We’ve heard couples say they’re reluctant to do a first look photo because it means some of the shine will be taken off walking down the aisle, but we guarantee walking down the aisle will always be one of the most special and memorable moments of your life.

Everyone will rise from their seats, and it’s be as emotional regardless if you and your partner have already seen each other – you’ll even have more time to soak up everyone else’s reactions, knowing you and your partner have already shared a special moment.