Five reasons not to have an unplugged wedding

Unplugged weddings, where guests are asked not to take photos / use their phones, have been steadily increasing in popularity, and while we of course understand the desire for all your guests to be fully present in the day, rather than having their nose buried in their phone, there is a strong case for not having an unplugged wedding. We explore the reasons not to have an unplugged wedding.

Different perspectives

While photographers can find it annoying to take photos with lots of camera phones in shot, allowing your guests to take photos as you walk down the aisle will give you lots of different perspectives of the day, from different angles – you need images of your dress from every possible viewpoint, after all!

The same goes for other all-important wedding moments like the cake cutting, the first dance and the speeches. With your guests able to document the day, you’ll see all the most memorable parts from lots of points of view.

A personal touch

Professional photos are undoubtedly stunning, (especially those all-important bridal portraits!) but allowing your guests to take photos throughout the day means you’ll get more personal photos, rather than all of your wedding pics being perfectly composed.

Your guests will look gorgeous in posed photos taken by your photographer, but their personalities will shine through in the candid photos they take of one another.

Things you might miss

Allowing your guests to take photos throughout the day means the whole event will be documented and you’ll be able to see moments you didn’t actually witness.

While your photographer is busy capturing photos of you outside the church, your guests can take pictures of your mum bonding with the ushers, or snaps of your school friends reuniting in the pews.

These snapshots will mean more to you than artful photos of your wedding shoes in your bridal suite.

Heartfelt messages

Some couples ask their guests not to upload wedding photos to social media until they’ve had a chance to post about the day themselves, but this can mean you miss out on seeing all the sentimental messages your friends post about the day and you and your partner.

Scrolling through social media post-wedding and seeing sweet captions always brings a tear to our eyes, and we’d hate to miss out on this due to having an unplugged wedding. Social media posts are the perfect way to relive your day through your guests’ eyes.

Instant gratification

The time spent waiting for your talented photographer to send through the edits from your wedding day can feel like forever, but if your guests have been able to take photos all day and upload them to Wedding Photo Swap, you’ll be able to view photos instantly, rather than waiting for your photographer to send proofs – the perfect cure for the post-wedding blues!

Now that you’ve decided not to have an unplugged wedding, think of all the photos you can ask your guests to take.

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