How to take great wedding photos in the rain

Rain on your wedding day is the stuff of nightmares for most brides; we’d be lying if we said we didn’t picture ourselves soaked in sun as we pose for the all-important photos, but that’s not to say it’s the end of the world if it does rain on your big day.

Image: Morgan Sessions

All good photographers will be just as comfortable shooting in the rain as they are in the sun, and while you won’t have a blue sky backdrop, your wedding photos will be every bit at beautiful – even more so if you can embrace the weather and have a few dramatic downpour shots.

If you’re worried about rain do voice your concerns with your photographer when you meet them pre-wedding. Ask if they have experience photographing in the rain, and put a plan in place for if the weather takes a turn for the worse. It’s a fine balance between what you’d be prepared to do to get magical shots, and what he or she advises.

Consider whether you’re willing to get wet, or if you’d rather have all of your wedding photos taken inside the venue. If the latter is this case, make sure to ask your venue if there are places inside where you can have your bridal portraits taken, or terraces or pergolas for outdoor photos.

If you’re fine with going outside but don’t want to get drenched, make sure to have some umbrellas and wellies handy. They may not be the Jimmy Choo wedding shoes of your dreams, but you’ll be thankful when you can splash about in puddles without ruining your pedicure. Opt for white wellies or glitter wellies for a bit of bridal glamour.

When it comes to umbrellas, opt for white or clear ones where possible. Colourful brollies might look lovely, but could create colour casts in your photos, while clear ones allow the light to shine through. Your photographer may well have their own clear umbrellas to lend you, so do check.

If you buy a whole host of stylish white umbrellas, you could rope your bridal party into the photos too for some totally unique bridesmaid shots that you’ll treasure.

Most of the time, rain doesn’t pour down all day, so make the most of any periods of sunshine – we know it’s not ideal to nip off in the middle of the reception for portraits, but if your heart is set on outdoor shots, you’ll need to make compromises.

Be flexible with your wedding schedule, perhaps doing away with the tradition to take the group shots straight after the ceremony and pencilling this in for when you’re expecting respite from the rain.

One great thing about rainy days, is that when the downpour has cleared, you’re sometimes left with the most sensational light for photographing in. Post-rain sunsets are extra special, not just because it’s the first glimpse of sunlight all day, but also because the sun seems extra strong, creating a dramatic backdrop for your day.

If you do feel totally despondent about the weather on your wedding day (and we wouldn’t blame you!), try not to let it shine through in your photos – nobody wants to flick through their wedding album to be reminded that they were in a bad mood on the day. Try to keep positive, remember you’re marrying the love of your life, surrounded by your loved ones, and the happiest is sure to show on your face – even if the weather is thunderous!

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