How to look good in all of your wedding photos

For many couples, your wedding day will be the first time you’ll have been shot by a professional photographer, and while the person you’ve hired to document your big day will be skilled in getting the absolute best from you, we’ve rounded up a few tips to help you look picture perfect in all the photos from your wedding day, be they perfectly posed couple portraits, or candid shots snapped by your friends on their phones.

1. Hold an engagement shoot

While it may sound like a way for your photographer to earn a little bit of extra money, an engagement shoot is actually a great way to get to know your photographer, and to feel more comfortable with them. They’ll be with you during some of the most intimate moments of your day (including getting ready), so it’s key to feel at ease around them. The more relaxed you are the better your photos will be.

2. Take direction

Some of the most beautiful natural-looking wedding photos have been taken following some light direction from your photographer, such as where to look and where to place your hands. Having an instruction to concentrate on can eliminate awkwardness and help you relax.

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3. Try to forget about the photographer

Without being conscious of it, most people have a face they naturally pull when the camera is on them. The photographer will be snapping away all day, so try to be as natural as possible rather than thinking about keeping a constant grin on your face (you probably will be smiling constantly, though!) The photos of you laughing and chatting candidly with your guests will be some of your favourite shots.

4. Think about blinking

If you find yourself constantly blinking in photos, close your eyes just before the photo is taken and open them just before the camera clicks – you’ll be sure to look bright eyed and bushy tailed.

5. Perfect your pose

You might look a little odd, but practising your smile in the mirror ahead of the day will make the constant grinning feel more natural. Checking yourself out will also help you decide which is your good side. (Yes, that is a real thing!)

Posture wise, create a slimmer profile by angling your body to the camera so that you’re not being photographed straight on, and avoid pressing your arms against your body as this can look awkward.

6. Lower your bouquet

Your photographer is likely to advise you on this point, but if you’re posing with your bouquet, hold it at hip height to stop it from looking like you’re hiding behind the flowers. They’re beautiful, but you’re better!

7. Embrace heavier make-up

Ahead of your wedding you’ll probably have a make-up trial to check you like your bridal beauty look. While most of us want to look natural on our wedding day, it’s common to wear more make-up than usual, in order for it show up in your photos. Go for stronger lashes and defined cheeks to make them really pop in snaps.

Take photos after your make-up trial in order to see how it looks in photos and confirm that you’re happy.

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