Every emotional wedding moment you’ll want to capture

Ask your photographer and friends to snap these photos for the most romantic wedding album of all time

There are many photos your wedding album is incomplete without; cutting the cake, the first dance, and bridal portraits for example. But it’s photos of the little, more intimate moments, that will make your wedding album really yours, and instantly transport you to back to the parts of the dat you might otherwise forget in a haze of romance.

Some of the moments are more obvious, while some you might never have considered asking your photographer to take. 

Read on for our line-up of the emotional wedding moments your photo album would be incomplete without.

1. The father-of-the-bride’s first look

While it’s common to photograph the groom’s first glimpse of the bride, an emotional moment you’ll want captured is your father’s first time seeing you dressed in your wedding finery.

It’ll be a heart-warming and sentimental time, and one you’ll want to remember forever.

2. Mother-of-the-bride and bridesmaid’s first look

If your bridesmaids and mum aren’t getting ready with you, photos of their first look will be priceless too.

These photos are often shot as the bride descends the stairs and this makes for a lovely photo composition.

3. The congregation’s first look

As you begin to walk down the aisle and the congregation all turn to look at you, chances are your eyes will be locked with your partner’s at the end of the aisle, and it’ll feel like nobody else is in the room. 

While this is a moment you’ll always treasure, it means you’ll miss the looks on all your guests’ faces when they see you as a bride for the first time. A photo of the guests’ first look will immortalise their initial reactions and be lovely to reflect on in years gone by.

4. When the father-of-the-bride leaves you at the altar

While the notion of a father giving away his daughter is a rather tired one, it is always emotional, and if you’re caught up in your partner’s reaction, you might miss your father’s encouraging smile or tearful glance – your photographer won’t though!

4. Tears at the altar

We see a lot of back of the dress shots, and side on shots of the couple saying their vows, but one thing captured less option are the tears of joy shed as you say your vows to one another.

Provided you aren’t embarrassed by your crying face (and why should you be?), this will be a perfect addition to your wedding album to always remember how you felt as you spoke those all-important words.

5. The first kiss

No wedding album is complete without the first kiss picture – it speaks for itself!

6. The exchanging of the rings

Aside from the best man awkwardly rummaging around in his pocket for the wedding rings, this is a rather serious point of the wedding, and we’ve always loved looking back at photos where the rings are exchanged – maybe because it signifies the deal is sealed!

7. Walking back down the aisle

Your first walk together as newlyweds is a moment you’ll want immortalised for your wedding album, whether you jubilantly dance back down the aisle to your recessional music, or take it slowly and formally, making eye contact with your guests in the pews as you go, this will make for a lovely photo. 

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