The Secret to Sexing Up Your Honeymoon Album

Your honeymoon is arguably the most important holiday you’ll ever take and guaranteed to offer unlimited amounts of romantic relief, whether you’re escaping to a Caribbean island or traversing Himalayan mountaintops. But I’m sure us girls can agree that no honeymoon is complete without concrete evidence of your romantic adventure, for bragging rights at the very least. So how do you make sure your lovely honeymoon photos are accessible for all to see (and resent)? Your family and friends will no doubt be desperate to cast their eyes over your gorgeous honeymoon catalogue, and printing every single one is an unnecessarily painstaking process. Luckily for you, Wedding Photo Swap has the answer to the universal honeymooners’ dilemma – the online photo album.


The beauty of being a 21st century bride is in the convenience – and using your Wedding Photo Swap account couldn’t be simpler. All you’ll need to do is register to upload your photos to Wedding Photo Swap – then collect, save and share those beautiful snaps with your nearest and dearest. This user-friendly online album allows you to show your wedding and honeymoon photos the easy way – and it’s a bit of a looker, too.

Remember: experience is your priority, but photographic evidence is still a biggie. But what should you take? 20 images of the hotel room won’t make your bridesmaids jealous, so make sure you cover your bases:

A cheeky sunset

While you’re sunning yourself, spare a thought for those of us back in wet old England. Take a photo of the sun setting behind an iconic skyline to make us physically nauseous with envy. Some of you may think sunsets are a little clichéd, but when you live in a world without sun, this’ll really do the trick.


Bikini shot

When you’ve spent the entirety of the crescendo wedding countdown working tirelessly on your bikini bod, it’s only fair that you rub it in everyone’s faces. The best thing about these honeymoon photos is that you can believably pretend these are photos of the sand/sea/whatever else accidentally found itself in the background for guilt-free exhibitionism. If you’re looking for an added kick, get a little cheeky and take a couple shot of you and your new husband swimsuited up.

The honeymoon suite

Okay, so we told you not to take photos of the hotel room – but there are only so many reasons for getting a honeymoon suite and, as your adoring wedding guests, we want to know why it’s so much better than a normal room. Champagne? Colossal bath tub?  Super King size bed? And he better have given that bad boy the full treatment – rose petals, candles, the works.

Once in a life time experience

Swimming with dolphins is definitely a popular choice, but if your tastes are a little more unorthodox, the world is your oyster. There are hundreds of more dangerous species to get up close and personal with – or maybe you fancy cosying up to a glacier or volcano crater? Whether you’re scuba diving, mountain climbing, bungee jumping or whatever else, it’s your call – but make sure you’ve got physical proof. These are the moments you’ll never forget and your BFFs shouldn’t have a chance to forget them either.


Once you’re back home, finding a place to keep your photos safe can be difficult – but storing them quickly and easily online is definitely the way forward. A Wedding Photo Swap account is valid for six months after the date of registration, giving you the freedom to create albums of both your wedding day and the honeymoon. Once you’ve set up an account, you simply send out those lovely invites to your friends and family and get uploading.

You’re in control here (brides of the world rejoice!) so you’ve got final approval on any photos uploaded to the gallery – and when everything’s live, you’ll have a stunning, sharable album to parade in everyone’s faces for months to come. Easy as that.