The Gloriously Indie Wedding Reception Playlist

Your wedding is an expertly orchestrated series of perfect moments, designed to be immortalised on camera in all their glory – and this is a whole lot of pressure. We’ve been brought up on romcoms which show us what love should look like, with an appropriate musical backdrop – and we see no reason that you shouldn’t have your very own OST.


If you’re bored to death with the pseudo-romantic mainstream favourites and demand that your wedding be the glorious offbeat romance it deserves, we’ve got a few ideas. Take a look at the most immensely indie wedding reception playlist ever, fit to burst with synthtastic, glockenspieling, acousticy goodness.

#1: Noah and the Whale – 5 Years’ Time

Put simply, this song is bloody lovely and the absolute epitome of indie romance. We’ve got gratuitous whistling, a cheeky bit of glockenspiel and delightfully bizarre flash-forward lyrics. The looking-into-the-horizon vibe is just ideal for newlyweds and the sound is one of unashamed and unadulterated whimsy.

#2: Mumford and Sons – I Will Wait

The funny thing about love is that it just makes songs sound better, and this massive Mumford track is heavy with the glory of love and bright with optimism. Any bride and groom would do well to use this as a basis for their reception playlist. The warm banjo, the roaring vocals and the almost tangible spirituality – it’s all gravy.

#3: The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

After Mumford and Sons, you’re going to need a cool down – and it quite simply doesn’t get cooler than this. Sweet Disposition is like a sip of iced tea on a hot day and will more than satisfy your romance requirements. Sentiment rarely sounds this sincere – and we bet the second this beautiful track streams in like musical moonbeams, you’ll be very much in the mood for love.

#4: Fleet Foxes – Ragged Wood

The purpose of this playlist is to stray from conveyor belt ideals and get raw, which is precisely why the lovely Fleet Foxes have earned their place. Ragged Wood is a deeply spiritual track – the sort that makes your heart feel a little too big for your chest – and

#5: Coldplay – Paradise

In the mood for a rapture? We hope so, because that’s what you’ll get with this colossal track. Paradise is a song of reawakening and rebirth – a musical epiphany. Not only is it absolutely ideal for your wedding day, with so much on your shared horizon, but it is also an unimaginably lifting track guaranteed to send some seriously good vibes right through the heart of your reception.

#6: Bombay Bicycle Club – Ivy & Gold

This cheeky little beaut is just about the nicest thing in the world. Jack Steadman’s impossibly lovely vocals cascade all over a glimmering feel-good track. Bombay have absolutely perfected the art of romanticism, making almost their entire catalogue suitable for your wedding reception playlist, but Ivy & Gold in particular is like a sparkler in sound form. Pretty and so very, very bright.

#7: Pixies – Gigantic

If your idea of love is uncomplicated, Gigantic is the ideal track for you. The Pixies are hardly renowned for their lavish sentimentality, and we wouldn’t have them any other way. This track is straightforward, hard-hitting and profoundly romantic in its simplicity. This is a big song about big, big love.

#8: Belle & Sebastian – Piazza, New York Catcher

Those of you with a beatnik sensibility can’t afford to miss this one. Belle & Sebastian are independence itself, with songs so delightfully strange it’s impossible not to be thoroughly fascinated. This beauty in particular is gentle, strange and truly romantic, although it will undoubtedly fill your heads with wanderlust and wishes that you’d eloped instead.

#9: The Shins – Simple Song

In spite of its title, this song is anything but simple. Here the Shins have magicked up a glorious symphony of positivity and catharsis – this is the kind of romance you just can’t fake. If you think the verses are stunning, just wait till you hit that massive chorus. There is a profound humbleness here, deep empathy and a whole lot of lovely love.

#10: The White Stripes – Hotel Yorba

Our last track is a unique brand of wonderful. Jack White’s iconic vocals were made for this kind of love song – straight-talking, humble and absolutely raw. Jack’s cheeky ‘let’s get married’ is a personal highlight, dripping with spontaneity and passion. If this song doesn’t leave you dizzy with the happies, you are quite simply made of stone. One of a kind.


And there you have it. The perfect, preposterously indie soundtrack for your big day.