Any Self-Respecting Bride’s Wedding Photo Checklist

So you’ve commenced the wedding countdown and are planning every moment of your big day down to the ultra-fine details and beyond. You’ve probably got checklists galore to make sure every single thing is accounted for – and we’re here to remind you about one final checklist you might’ve missed. Wedding photos are no joke and, as the bride, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the complete catalogue if you really want to rub your lovely wedding in everyone’s faces for years to come.

So let’s get down to it – the checklist to end all checklists. Your wedding photo cheat sheet so you can fulfill the wedding A-Z the easy way. And if you’re looking to complete your collection but need a little help from your friends, your prayers are answered – register with Wedding Photo Swap today to find all your lovely wedding photos in one place.

The Dress

A staple of any bride’s wedding scrapbook. This elegant snap of the most important (oh yeah, and expensive) dress you’ll ever wear is the ideal precursor to your matrimonial fairytale. This is one of the last shots you’ll get before you transform from a woman into a bride and it all becomes 100% terrifyingly real.

The Bridal Party

As the woman of the moment, your bridal party is likely made up of the ladies you can’t live without – or the ones who won’t let you live without them. No wedding photo shoot is complete without some sickeningly lovely snaps of you with your partners in crime looking by far the classiest you ever will – this one’s a keeper.

The Groomsmen

Remember: this day isn’t just about you – your lovely groom is an equal part of this glorious day and, as such, deserves his own group shot with the boys. The groomsmen shot is a guaranteed win – you’ll be reminded of how adorable he looked with his BFFs and he’ll be reminded of how slick he looked with the lads.

Groom at the Altar

This is a pivotal snapshot – one of immense anticipation and, frankly, pretty damn climactic. This is the biggest moment of his life, waiting for you to shimmy down that aisle and make him the happiest guy in the world, and must be documented. This photo can also work as great blackmail if you find that he looks absolutely terrified.

Father of the Bride

All you daddy’s girls out there are probably openly weeping at the mere thought of this shot – but as much as it may physically upset you, it’s non-negotiable. Being walked down the aisle by your father is an age-old tradition and guaranteed to make a sop out of even the most seemingly emotionless bride. Lovely stuff.

Exchanging Rings

Again, tradition is the name of the game here. The exchanging of the rings is massively symbolic and, with the exception of your first kiss as husband and wife, pretty much the highlight of the wedding. Only a sucker wouldn’t have a photo of this momentous time, and we don’t take you for a sucker.

First Kiss

Okay, here’s the big one. Kissing the bride is how your groom seals the deal – this is what the entire wedding countdown builds up to and you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got proof that yours was the most romantic wedding kiss in the history of ever. Oh yeah – and a reminder of that lovely moment. That too.

Cutting the Cake

Whether you’re goofing around, covering your gorgeous, suited groom in cakey mess, or take the cake-cutting entirely seriously and well and truly have your game face on, this will need to be photographed. The ‘cutting the cake’ photo is a tried and tested archetype, offering metric tons of comedy potential and no doubt offering some kind of romantic symbolism, although we’re not entirely sure what.

First Dance

There are many reasons why every bride should have a photo (or fifty) of her first dance with the new husband. First and foremost, this is an undeniably romantic moment every woman should be able to look back on with a tangible record. Other reasons include the ego boost of having a photo of hundreds of people staring at you and the potential hilarity in the event that your better half is dancing impaired.

Best Man’s Speech

This should not only be a photo of the best man delivering the all-important speech but also a photo of your other wedding guests looking either hysterical, mortified or inconsolable. Whichever, this is a photo you’ll treasure forever, hearing your husband’s number one guy reflecting on your wonderful time together or humiliating the two of you beyond repair.

Bouquet Toss

A ritual for brides and female wedding guests alike, the bouquet toss is an acceptable excuse for women to behave like savages in pursuit of the abstract prospect of future love. Watching your bridesmaids degrade themselves in their expensive dresses will surely be hilarious – and the photographic proof serves as a welcome reminder.

‘Just Married’


Last but by no means least, this iconic and pivotal photo should be a part of any bride’s wedding scrapbook. The classic back-of-the-car shot is hugely symbolic, looking into the horizon that is your life together – lovely stuff. And that’s the best part about your wedding day – not the first kiss or even the first dance, but what comes next. 

If you’re engaged and getting ready to embark upon your own wedding photo checklist, we’ve got you covered. By starting your own online album with Wedding Photo Swap, you can save, collect and share all your gorgeous wedding photos in one place – simple as that.