6 Ways to Rub Your Lovely Wedding in Their Faces

The wedding day is a time for friends and family to gather and celebrate, for the bride and groom to enter into a mutual agreement for life and for everyone to share in the new couple’s happiness. Or is it? We reckon one of the ultimate reasons to get married (behind love and commitment, of course) is for an unparalleled excuse to show off – after all, you earned it.

But the real question is – how do you get the most out of your special day? How do you really make sure yours is the most beautiful and most highly documented wedding in history? Brides-to-be and exhibitionists of the world rejoice – we’ve got answers. Here are six unique ways to make your wedding guests (and just about everyone else in the world) green with envy.


Live tweeting

Set up a hashtag for all your wonderful guests to use throughout the day and encourage them to post ritualistically from beginning to end. Tweet photos, pivotal moments and even unnecessarily minor details for constant social updates, so even those who couldn’t attend (whether they were invited or not) can tune in and feel like they’re a very real part of the proceedings. Even after the wedding day’s done, there’s no need to be depressed – you’ll be able to collect the photos and read all tweets posted on the day for an intimate and exhaustive play-by-play.


By Snapchatting photos throughout your wedding day, you can make sure no one misses the small details you spent so long on. Take a photo of the ring, the favours or even the shoes to show your nearest and dearest the effort you put in to the big day. Take photos from behind the scenes from the bridesmaids and groomsmen getting ready to you in the car on your way – these up-close-and-personals have the chance of being hilarious, and we have no doubt you’ll find hundreds of thousands of selfie opportunities as the day goes on.


Upload six second videos from your wedding to give non-attendees the full scoop, whether they’re adorable guest videos, cheeky pranks from the wedding party or the all-important first dance. Six seconds at a time of glorious memories to share with your friends while not distracting you from your guests.


Wedding photo booths

If you’re looking for a fun way for your guests to leave messages or the kind of humiliating photos you won’t find with a professional/roaming photographer, you might want to hire a photo booth so your guests can get creative. When you collect the photos, you can share them with just about everyone you’ve ever met (maybe clog up everyone’s Facebook feed if you’re feeling cheeky) and demonstrate that your wedding was just about the most awesome event in history.

Secret/hidden cameras

One of the ultimate wedding photography dilemmas is whether to go professional or keep it natural – the problem being that your guests’ faces are all but guaranteed to distort into nightmarish caricatures the second they spot a camera and get their disturbing photo faces on. For natural photographs and films – think social documentary style – use hidden cameras to capture raw moments. Trust us – when you watch the film back, you’ll get a big old dose of sentimentality and more than a few laughs.

Wedding photo swap


Once the wedding’s over, you’re probably wondering how to collect all of your scrumptious wedding photos without chancing a nervous breakdown. The solution is simple – Wedding Photo Swap. All you have to do is register to create your own online wedding album, where brides, grooms and guests can all upload those gorgeous photos (with your final approval, of course). Once uploaded, they’re yours to share – within and beyond reason. This is the ultimate way to do your wedding some real justice.