6 Epic & Potentially Disastrous Bridesmaid Pranks

So you’ve been bestowed the honour of bridesmaiding at your bestie’s wedding. This is, of course, a massive honour which should fill you with pride and a serious case of the fuzzies. But more importantly, this puts you in an absolutely prime position to engage in a little pre-wedding mischief. Sure, she’s your mate and you love her – but you also love to make her squirm, are we right? Without further ado, allow us to present half a dozen excellent wedding pranks which, frankly, could go either way.


Disclaimer: Wedding Photo Swap cannot be held accountable for bridal breakdowns.


The concept is simple enough. As bridesmaids, you’ll no doubt have been assigned various roles which are pretty integral to the ceremony itself – the trick is to convince the blushing bride that you’ve forgotten something. Something big. You could try ‘forgetting’ the cake, the rings, the dress – or have neglected to keep up communications with someone important (priests and/or caterers are a good place to start). The longer the bride is convinced you’re serious, the more points you get. Points can be cashed in exchange for glory.


While this one’s a little more tame, the chances of your wedding dress clad bestie going into cardiac arrest are greatly lessened. The best way to do this is to wait until the bride and groom dive into their first kiss as husband and wife, then have all guests reveal scorecards rating the kiss. This works to full effect when some of the scores are exceptionally low – additional comments, and indeed constructive criticism, are also encouraged. Just because it’s their big day doesn’t mean they deserve any special treatment, does it?


What better way to physically upset the bride moments before her wedding ceremony than to reveal that one of her bridesmaids is in the midst of a passionate affair with the groom? It makes sense to draw straws for the role of homewrecker, as this could get a little messy even before the ‘JUST KIDDING’. This is also a much better prank if it isn’t true.

The Switch

Feel like getting creative? This one’s a little experimental. Total bewilderment (and a little fear) can be yours at a price. Here’s how it works: you and the other bridesmaids should find friends of yours that neither the bride now the groom know in any capacity. Next, pay them (or ideally coerce them for free) to show up at the wedding just before your big entrance and walk down the aisle in your place, straight-faced and professional. Try replacing the groomsmen as well for maximum impact.

The Objection

Everyone loves a good wedding objection, and this is your chance for some pretty intense reactions. Needless to say, this prank involves inventing a fake objection and making your revelation at the appropriate time. Your objection should preferably involve a (fake) dark secret from the bride and/or groom’s past, an unexpected (fake) declaration of love or a potentially hilarious (fake) schizophrenic episode.


We’re traditionalists (when it suits us) and, as such, decided to leave the best for last. This is a truly epic and potentially devastating prank which will make for an unforgettable hen party. It’s simple – arrange for the bride to meet you at an agreed location, and then show up. In a white van wearing balaclavas. Stage a street kidnapping and drive the poor, unsuspecting bride to what she thinks is the room she’s going to die in. In actual fact, you’ll simply be escorting her to the secret hen party you planned earlier. How nice are you? 😉


Now come on, you silly rabbits – let’s play some tricks.